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"Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back"


5 June

About me

I don't really like to talk about myself that much, because I find it boring for others to know about me. I am not very good at talking so I have a problem expressing myself at times, but I do smile alot, quiet, act if I don't really care but I do, blow a fuse if something/one pisses me off LOL

Interesting fact: I had a crush on ♡Nick Carter♡ since 1995 and till this day I still like and support him, no matter what his size is =) KTBSPA!!!!

Used to follow British group ♡a1♡ and Blue around England lol Coz of that I've bumped into alot of british artists around that time~ Had so much fun ne~

Met half of Super Junior members when I was in Seoul, Korea back in October 2007 as I attended TVXQ's "O" Encore Concert. TVXQ were just awesome better than watching them on your p.c~ I cried on the first night because they performed "Love in the ice" for the first time and that was one of the song I wished to see them perform ^_^

Hightlight of 2008 - Went to Japan for the very first time in my life for TVXQ's "T" Concert~ Best moments were all in Osaka. Fukuoka was ♥ too~ Osaka 2nd night was the best because I was right next to the extention stage. So when they were talking and doing their gags I can see the sweat dripping off Jaejoong's face. He is REALLY handsome and skinny in real life. Had a few interactions with him and the other members ♥_♥
I wish I could take photo's and fancam but hell no the security was so strict~ Noway I was going to risk it. I travelled to far for this moment!

Would love to go back to South Korea and Japan for a proper holiday doing all those tourists things that I didn't get to do while I was spazzing and going to concerts~

Likes & Dislikes

LIKES - kpop, jpop, singing, surfing the net, travelling, cinema, dining out, ★'s~
I am a big fangirl of TVXQ especially Jaejoong, my fave couple is Chunjae~ My world involves around them. I really like Nishikido Ryo and BEAST~
I ♡ 이창선 AKA 준 from MBLAQ (엠블랙) & 김재중(ジェジュン) so much~~

Dislikes - No manners, racism, 2 faced, fake people. Creepy crawleys especially SPIDERS! >.<

If you have the same interest then feel free to add me and we can spazz over them ^_^


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